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Depression – Anxiety – Stress

We all feel a little down at times. After all, life isn’t always easy. But for people suffering from depression, these times of feeling sad or “blue” are much more intense and last much longer. They may feel lost, and hopeless, lacking value to themselves or to others, feeling that living itself is not worth it. Depressed people can look at their lives and say, “What is the point?”.

Like sadness, stress and anxiety are normal components of our everyday lives. Stress is the result of frustration, anger, or anxiousness over a particular situation. Usually stress is caused by something we feel we have no control over. Anxiety is characterized by fear or apprehension, and in many cases, the cause may be unknown. If these feelings persist, or affect one’s ability to function effectively then a specific anxiety disorder is usually responsible and treatment is indicated.

Sadness, stress and anxiety are all part of normal day to day life but when they become the overriding emotion an individual experiences professional help is needed.